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Meet Larry

Hi, I’m Larry G. Bradford

I’m the son of a factory worker and a nurse who lived in a small, tight-knit community in Panola County
and learned from my grandparents the value of family, hard work, and love. Growing up, my mother, in
the absence of my father, worked tirelessly, working three jobs daily to ensure my siblings and I had
everything we needed with the help of government assistance. While in school, I often witnessed my
classmates lack adequate school supplies, but I had a teacher who would go into her pocket for those less
fortunate. This is something we still see today in our school systems with teachers. That’s not right, and
it’s the result of priorities and choices made in Jackson. I’m running to be your next Auditor to ensure we
use our public resources effectively and fairly so that every person and every family can thrive and

I am a highly adaptable strategic leader, who's equally successful in small, large, distressed, and stable
businesses throughout corporate America. I am well within the ability to define and translate strategy into
action, which has earned me a reputation with executive colleagues as an exceptional problem solver,
highly capable of synthesizing complex business, financial and people issues—a true “right-hand” man.
I’ve consistently delivered strong results over a 23-year lending, management, and leadership career. I
have been repeatedly called upon to restore financial and religious organizations' economic stability to
profitable levels and identify new market and profit opportunities.

I have an innate sense of financial acumen, leadership, and unshakable faith. As the Chief Financial
Officer of Apostolic Connection International (Little Rock, AR, 2012 Term), I was obligated to reinvent
and organize the organization's structure so that the organization's personnel could adequately pass on
vital information regarding essential matters. I managed and directed financial portfolios of over 58
million dollars, provided oversight of 150 staff members, reporting, planning, financial controls, contract
negotiations, facilities, and strategic planning. Notably, I negotiated and managed partnerships with
outside vendors. Many initiatives led me to promote the use of technology and fostered a good
relationship with board members and membership. Upon entering the position of Mayor in Anguilla,
Mississippi, I inherited a complete abuse of financial control and backed up audit logs. I vowed to my
constituents then that I’d fix the town’s financial reputation, and I did just that.

I know how to tackle complex financial problems, build grassroots coalitions, and stand up for our most
important priorities. I have a vision for the office that will build a brighter future for you, your family, and
the entire state of Mississippi.

I ask for your vote in the August 8th Democratic Primary Election and the November 7th General

"As your next State Auditor, I will bring transparency and accountibility back to Mississippi"

We Need Your Support Today!

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